Lodge Waikato No. 475

The ceremony of Constitution and Dedication for a new Lodge in Hamilton was performed by Mark Winger Grand Master and Officers of Grand Lodge including several Past Grand Masters on Saturday 14th October 2017 at the Hamilton East Freemasons Center.

The occasion, which was public, was open to partners and friends of Freemasonry as well.

So we are a young Lodge, however many of our members have an lifetime of experience in Freemasonry and have served or are serving Grand Lodge of New Zealand.

Lodge Waikato meets at the Hamilton Masonic Center in Grey Street which is in Hamilton East.

We have between 75 and 85 members and aim to “Work” in a relaxed but professional manner.

The new Lodge is a combination of three Lodges (Te Marama, Hillcrest and Hamutana) which closed and went with the formation of an entirely new Lodge – Lodge Waikato No 475.

The days activities included the Lodge’s first Installation and a Celebration/Installation Banquet.

Photos – Of the Constitution and Dedication Ceremony following antient custom and involving the elements of Wine, Oil, Corn and Salt with the usual prayers and odes. Photo credit – Bill Palmer

The three lines on the square represent the three joining lodges that formed Lodge Waikato.

The blue banner represents the Waikato river which runs through Hamilton.

In the remainder of the logo there are characteristics of the Lodges which formed Lodge Waikato.

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