This Post is copied from The Tauranga Lodge No 125, Thank you Bill. In society today men have a difficult time finding real brotherhood. Our days are all filled with work, family and [...]



From Freemasonry: Studies, Speeches and Sensibilities by Rabbi Raymond Apple. „Freemasonry to me is escape, relaxation and fellowship. It is also an ethical movement dedicated to making a better world by upright conduct, wise [...]



The thought for today follows: Nature herself is a master of silence and without any sound executes her greatest feats of craftsmanship. Crash and noise accompany the work of disruption and upheaval, but no [...]

Masonic Lambskin Apron


It is the most iconic symbolic emblem of Freemasonry. It is the unique badge of a Mason and it is considered a tool. It’s said to be more honorable than the Roman Eagle or the Golden [...]

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